Command center: take one.

Well, I got halfway through writing a different post yesterday, but then I spent the rest of my afternoon cuddling with my puking nine-month-old, both of us covered in vomit for several hours (it’s pointless to try showering until he’s done; as it was, I misjudged it and we ended up taking two showers).  Full-time mom, right?  (He’s fine today.  Apparently he hasn’t outgrown his intolerance of/aversion to grains yet, so it was yesterday’s lunch that set him off.)

So, instead of finishing that post (I haven’t had time yet), I’ll give you a brief update on that sign I finished last week, now that it’s made it onto the wall alongside my menu board.

Our command center.

Our command center.

Of course, it being me, as soon as it was on the wall, I thought, “You know, I should actually……”  So, when I have time, I have some changes I intend to make (hence this being “take one”).


I’ll post “take two” once that’s finished.  Hoping to get to it this week!


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2 responses to “Command center: take one.

  • ejstricklin

    I like it! Your calendar system looks so much more manageable than mine… I have only one month and it’s squeezed into a little less than 8×10″ frame!

    • ladyhawke41386

      That’s basically what I used to have, in IN and in the apartment–upgrading so I can see two months out and fit more than one thing in a day was a MUST! Got these at Target, but I saw them on Amazon, too. Love them! 🙂 (Oh, and I take them off the wall and switch top with bottom so I only have to erase/fill in one at a time. Works great!)

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