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Geeky necklace GIVEAWAY!

You heard me–free stuff!  I’m introducing a new line of products later this week in my Etsy shop, so I’m kicking things off with a giveaway–read the full rules here!


Catching up.

I’ve definitely been letting the blogging slide.  Sorry.

My goal was to have all my archived posts moved over to my new blog by the end of June.  Yeah, by the end of June, I was about halfway done…and I’m not much further halfway through July, either.  Grrrr.

But in good news, one of the reasons I’ve been slacking on the blog is that my Etsy venture is going well.  The “Doctor Who” dinosaurs and “Firefly” crew ribbon tag blankets are both sold out; I’ve ordered the fabric for more and they’re on their way!  I’m still waiting for my local Joann Fabrics store to restock their ribbon so I can start on the “Harry Potter” blankets–I’ve been three times in the past three weeks, and all they have are all the wrong combinations of satin and grosgrain in the colors and sizes I need.  Gah.  I do have a couple “Godric” Gryffindor dinos up, though!  (I hope to have more houses up soonishly, if Gryffindor sells well!)

I’ve also been catching up on season 7 of “Doctor Who”, which is finally up on Netflix!  Finished the season the other night, but I have yet to watch “The Day of the Doctor”.  Would someone like to explain to me why Netflix not only makes us wait a virtual eternity for a season, but then lets us down by not including the most important episode?  Grrrrrr!!

And now I’m off to sign up for Pottermore so I can finally read J.K. Rowling’s most recent short-story addition to the world of witchcraft and wizardry.  I’m so behind, guys! 😛


I feel like I’ve been slacking a bit here on my blog.  Don’t worry, I have excuses! 😛

No, actually, blogging has been a good outlet for me, and I am committed to continuing.  But the rest of my life has been a bit crazier than usual, so, while I’ve managed to get a few posts up this month, I haven’t had the time to write much, and it’s looking like that trend is going to continue a bit longer….

Here’s what’s going on at the moment:

1.  My brother is moving in with us on Monday!  He just graduated from high school and is heading to college in Texas in the fall, but since my parents just moved into an RV, that means he gets live with us for summers!  We’re quite excited to have him….but it has meant that we really needed to tackle unpacking all those boxes downstairs to get his room in live-able condition.  The good news is, his room is about half an hour’s worth of work away from being as good as it’s going to get; the bad news is, we still have boxes in the main room down there that aren’t unpacked yet (we moved seven months ago…..).

2.  We’ve had stuff going on.  We’re not typically busy people.  We intentionally try to avoid getting too busy.  But, for some reason, we’ve either gone to some get-together or had people over here six out of the last ten days (plus a houseguest for a few days), and we have similar plans for at least another five days.  It’s a bizarre new trend for us, and it leaves little time in the evening to get anything else done.

3.  I finally got my Etsy shop up!  And then, while unpacking downstairs, I found some leftover “Firefly” fabric from a previous project, so I’ll be able to get a few new items up in my shop sooner than I’d anticipated!  I’ve already started working on them.

4.  I’m a full-time mom first.  And both my kids have been getting sick lately.  Kaylie had strep, so that was a solid week of her not feeling very well, and Wil still has issues eating anything with grain in it, so I spent most of Sunday covered in vomit while he slept on my lap between puking episodes (fortunately, I had just discovered that Joss Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing” is now on Netflix–and can I just take a moment to say that the “Buffy”/”Angel” fan in me was rejoicing to see Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker finally get a happy ending?), and this week, they have colds.  Sick kids need a lot of time and attention, so other stuff falls through the cracks.

5. And finally, I have begun the arduous process of moving my blog.  While I love almost everything about WordPress, I have come to the conclusion that the possibility to earn a little money, however small the amount, doing what I’m already doing, is worth the hassle of moving to Blogspot.  But since I only have a few months’ worth of posts, I’m copying every post over to my new blog before I begin posting new material there.  So I will keep posting here until I am completely caught up, at which point I will shift to posting new material there.  For my WordPress followers, I will keep this blog open so that I can alert you to new posts on Blogspot and link you to them, so you will not need to re-follow me there unless you want to.  You can check out my progress on the new blog here!

So, all that to say, you may be in for some lazy posts in the coming weeks.  I have more recipes and tutorials planned, but I just don’t have the time to put together longer posts with lots of pictures right now.  I will get back to those soon!

Our Sunday afternoon.

Our Sunday afternoon.

Etsy shop: Open for business!

My Etsy shop is officially open!  No more procrastinating. 😛

I just have a couple items from my first two batches up for now.  Wanna see?

Doctor Who TARDIS ribbon tag blankets.

Doctor Who TARDIS ribbon tag blankets.

For your littlest Whovian.

Pirate ribbon tag blankets with coordinating pirate burp cloths.

Pirate ribbon tag blankets with coordinating pirate burp cloths.

And for pirates-to-be.

Head over to my shop, Little Dragonslayers, to see the full listings!

And if you want to see new products, then BUY SOME.  😉  Because I need to sell a few of these first.  Next up, I’m planning similar products in “Firefly” and “Star Trek” themes!

Etsy sneak peek.

I’ve recently gotten back into crafting…..and gosh, does it feel good!  I love making things.

…So I’m starting an Etsy shop.  I haven’t listed anything yet, but I just finished making the first two batches of what I intend to sell.  Now it’s just down to the logistics of getting the listings up and figuring out policies and such.  But I’m so excited about finishing this first step that I thought I’d give y’all a sneak peek before I get them up for sale!

So, here they are:

Doctor Who TARDIS ribbon tag blankets.

Doctor Who TARDIS ribbon tag blankets.

Pirate ribbon tag blankets with coordinating pirate burp cloths.

Pirate ribbon tag blankets with coordinating pirate burp cloths.

I’m sure you’ll hear more from me once I’ve officially gotten my shop up and going.  For now, thanks for letting me share! 🙂

Geeky children’s books? Yes, please!

Wil’s eight months now, so I know it’s a little early to be buying him birthday presents……but when I found some adorable geeky kids’ books on Etsy, I couldn’t resist!  Charles Thurston, the author/artist, explains:

“As a parent I wanted a way to introduce the great pop culture shows and books that my wife and I love to our toddlers without it being too scary. You cant explain Doctor Who or Star Wars or Lord of the Rings to a toddler and you cant show it to them with out scaring them because of some awesome monster or angel statue. SO I created a series of small kid friendly pop culture parody books that introduces them to these things in a fun way so that when they are older and they can handle the shows Mommy and Daddy love, they will already be familiar with the characters and love the show just as much as us.”

I love other geeky parents.  Thanks to Mr. Thurston, I’ll soon get to read Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, and Firefly stories with my kids. Shiny!

(If you are interested in purchasing any of his books yourself, I recommend that you do so quickly. He seems to sell out fast, and doesn’t list items often.)